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Welcome to our Love Page #9, where you can read comments from some of our puppy families and meet their precious ones. Enjoy!

Macey - JoyXMaize Daughter - hmmm, I think she might be a tomboy :-)

Oops, maybe not a tomboy :-)

Hey Chris,
WE LOVE OUR LITTLE MACY! We had a big 4th of July party and of course she was the hit. We have taken her every where we can. Whatever you did while you had her was super. She is so friendly and noise does not bother her at all, not even the vaccum cleaner. I took our kids to the zoo so she got to ride in the semi with my husband. He said she slept most of the ride. Just a few minutes ago she sat in a nice muddddddddyyyyyy puddle so we are getting changed into jeans and are heading down to the creek to see what she thinks of that. I will of course have to give her a bath after that.

Some friends of ours absolutely fell in love with Macy as well. They are friends that have a love for labs. The family had a lab maybe for 8 years or so and she ended up going blind and few othere things. They are looking for a lab that is the white yellow like Macy. I told our friends that I was pretty sure all of Macy's siblings were spoken for, but if for any reason something changes and you want a good family for a white yellow pup please let me know.

Thank you for having trust enough to let us make Macy a good home! I will send some pictures . We dressed her up in one of our Bitty Baby outfits today-Super adorable.

I will keep in touch!
Jodi and Family
luvrtwins @


Tater & Spike - she's a 2007 JoyXMaize girl; he's a 2007 IzzyXBoone son (our Juniper's brother).

They live in Indiana - Cricket Hollow East :-)

What a lovely boy!

Gorgeous profile!

Oh, she's got it rough :-)

I can't stand it - he's too cute!

One of my all time favorite photos - breathtaking!


Here are some brand new photos of the "puppies" very close to their 6 month
birthday. I can't help but stare sometimes at their beauty. Both are doing
well-full of energy and getting solider by the day. Spike is a little more
athletic than Tater-she prefers to wait until the rest come back with the
ball to do any running. She tries to ambush Spike to get him to drop it.
Her motto is why run to get when they'll bring it back anyway. Let me know
about any Chocolate girls that might be in the future. What's the story on

Steve Polley
stevepolley @

I am sending an attached photo of Tater. This being a chilly Sunday
afternoon, she's in her favorite chair watching the Colts football game. Oh
wait-I think she may have dozed off momentarily.


I thought you might like to see how the boy can strike a pose. Ain't he


Wrigley a 2007 CricketXThistle son - he's got Thistle's wicked grin going on there!

Also Thistle's coloring I think :-) I can see Cricket in the eyes though!


I thoght Id send some updated photos of Wrigley...The second picture of him standing shows that he still has his fluffy toy that he came home with. He has torn up most of his fluffy toys, but has never done anything with this one but carry it around.

He is still one of the best dogs we have ever owned, and just has the sweetest personality. I hope all is well with you and your family..

David, Kristin, Mackenzie, Maegan, and Wrigley Parr

Jasper is a 2009 JoyXMaize boy - so sweet - how could you deny that face?!

Baby Jasper - I love the doggie angel statue - I want one!

Methinks Jasper is a wee bit naughty :-) You'd be surprised how many dishwasher photos I get :-) Never gets old :-)

So, has Jasper grown into those HUGE paws yet?


Hi Chris,
I hope all is well down in Cricket Hollow. It's been about 6 weeks since we brought Jasper home, and he has created quite a stir (in a good way) to our world! After a few long nights of crate training, he now loves his crate and relaxes there during the day. He also loves to pull everything out of the crate and spread it all over the house.

He has been growing by leaps and bounds! At the first vet visit he was 14 pounds, and 3 weeks later was 23. He's now pushing 30lbs, and is starting to grow into his paws. When we first brought him home his paws were so tiny, we thought he might not get too big. Then a week later, something happened where these enormous mitts grew at the end of his legs! I guess we'll be dealing with one big boy after all : )

We started obedience training a few weeks ago, and he is doing extremely well in class. He is so eager to please. So smart too! The trainer was laughing at him as I put him in a sit-stay and turned my back to him. He would look away, but as soon as I turned back to face him his eyes would shoot right back to me. He did this several times like he was watching me the whole time! He is also doing very well on his walks. I was afraid he would not enjoy taking walks because he would stop and lay down after about 20 or 30 feet. Cari and the kids had gone to the park to play and Jasper and I followed behind. I ended up carrying him about 1/2 the way there and most of the way home. On the way home I remember thinking "How is this going to work when he's 90 pounds?" Luckily for my back, he has taken to his walks in stride. That has also slimmed his "Buddha Belly" that made him so famous in our travels!

We just returned from a family vacation to Michigan and he was great. He did well on the 4 hour drive, didn't chew anything at the cottage where we stayed, and had NO accidents! He's actually completely house-broken. He haven't had any incidents in weeks. There was a big yard for him to play, and he absolutely loved the beach. Brought him down a couple of times to swim in the lake, and he absolutely loves the water! Go figure. The highlight for him was meeting another yellow lab puppy that was only 3 days younger. They had a great time playing and grappling.

Again, I wanted to thank you for choosing such a great pup for my family. He fills our lives with smiles. I can't wait to see how he continues to grow and mature. I will be sure to send updates of his progress. Take care, and keep growing those wonderful puppies!

Keith Stevenson
New Lenox, IL

P.S.- I hope you enjoy the pics!

Chancellor is another 2009 JoyXMaize boy - lookin' good on his fancy new bed :-)

He's really got those melt ya puppy dog eyes down pat!

Awww - I think his big brother actually might like him - a little :-)

Hi Chris and Family,

Just wanted to send you some pictures of me at my new home. The first few days were kind of rough. I really didn't like my kennel, but now I'm sleeping well in it. As a matter of fact, I sleep for 7 hours at night without any accidents. I'm still working on potty training during the day and am sure I'll get the hang of it soon. My new brother likes me. Even though he's old, he allows me to tug on his leash when we walk and will play. Sometimes he gets mad at me, though. I probably deserve it. I also have lots of other dogs to play with. They're younger and are more tolerant. I love my bed and all the toys. I do like to chew, but find my toys are satisfying rather than the woodwork and paper. I'm going on my first big road trip this Friday to Wisconsin. There will be boating and swimming and frolicking with other dogs. I'm very excited.

Hope all is well with you. Thanks for taking such good care of me and letting me come to my new home. My parents really do think Snoopy was a perfect name for me.


Chancellor Linder
I know I have a picture of this gorgeous boy, but I can't find it - I'm lookin'! Hey Chris just wanted to drop you yet another long overdue not on Jimmy our red lab. Eddie and Jimmy are in their final days of a two week road trip to his parents in Wisconsin from NC. He was telling me that once again at every stop along the way Jimmy has been met with rave reviews about his beauty, presence & personality. From toll booth operators to strangers and family all have fallen in love with this very special animal. Consequently I felt compelled to drop you a line and tell you that even for years later we fall in love a bit more with Jimmy everyday and thank you for bringing such a spectacular animal into this world.

Hope all is well with you and the CHF crew. I tried to get Eddie to bring Jimmy by for a visit but he just couldn't pull it off!!

All our best
Donna Turner & Ed Kowalski
donnadtmail @

Tucker is a Luna and Maize son - I'm so amazed and inspired by this story - what a blessing he is!

Ah, now this is a the life for a labbie!


I just thoughts I'd write you a quick email because I have an amazing Tucker story that I wanted to share with you. He is doing really well and LOVES swimming in the lake up at our cabin. His favorite game is fetch and continues to be gentle and fun with everyone he meets no matter how big or small.

I don't know if you remember from my application that I am a Type 1 diabetic. I wear an insulin pump and things are usually in pretty good control. Last Friday I went outside to weed around the kids swingset. Ben and Tucker came out to play while I worked and after a while it was just Tucker and I out in the yard. He would check in and then go off to find a new stick or something else to chew, but after a while I noticed he was right by my side. I was sitting down to weed and there were a couple of times that he came and stood across the front of my lap. I thought it was kind of funny, but we were getting close to dinner time, so I assumed he was trying to send me a message. ha ha Then, after a few more minutes he came and gently pushed me over with his forhead so that I was laying flat on my back on the grass. He came and laid right on top of me!!!!! He wasn't being silly, he didn't lick my face, he just laid on me and held me down. I remember thinking (What will the neighbors think???) At this point I assumed he was really starving so I brought him in to get dinner. Once I got inside I realized that I didn't feel too good and so I checked my bloodsugar and it was VERY low!!!! I don't know how he knew. He is such a gift and we can't thank you enough for him.

Also, I wanted to let you know that our vet diagnosed Tucker with Panosteitis. Apparently it is an inflamation of the bone marrow in the long bones? He said that he sees it in large breed dogs and they usually outgrow it by 18 month. (We had noticed Tucker limping on his front legs on different occasions) The vet did an X-ray and this was how he diagnosed it. Have you seen this with any of your other beautiful dogs? I have been feeding Tucker the Pro Pac Large Breed Puppy. The vet asked if I was feeding him adult food already. (He is about 70 lbs. already!) What would you recommend. Should I stick with the puppy food, or switch to adult? The vet prescribed Traumeel for the inflamation which seems to be working really well.

Thanks for your help and thanks for such a wonderful boy!!!!

Abby Staroszczyk
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