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Welcome to our Love Page #12, where you can read comments from some of our puppy families and meet their precious ones. Enjoy!

Aww - Tucker is being pretty calm considering his predicament :-) He's a 2009 LunaXMaize son.

This is just so darned funny "Tuck is Stuck" ;-)

Momma - I brings you a four leaf clover - on my nose :-)


I have been meaning to email for ages to let you know how well Tucker is doing!!!! (I think I have started about 10 different emails, gotten sidetracked and never gotten back
to them) He is an absolute JOY!!! The kids look for him first thing in the morning and come to kiss him goodnight before they go to bed. He has a great disposition and a terrific personality. We get compliments on him where ever we go. (Tom has a picture of him up at work and one of his co-workers asked for your information. He is such a handsome boy!)

He loves the kids and can't wait for them to get home from school. As soon as they get home, they immediately go outsite to play. Lately they have been playing a ton on the
swingset. Katie gets one swing, Ben gets another, and Tucker plays with the third. Today I could hear Ben coughing really hard and so I went outside to see if he was okay. He was actually coughing because he was laughing so hard. As he and Tucker were swinging, Tucker jumped up at the swing and got himself stuck. Both his front and back paws could touch the ground but he couldn't figure out how to jump up to get himself back off. I just had to send you a couple pictures. (I actually sent an email to my family from Tucker saying "So I have just one question....
When I am outside swinging with my boy, how does one actually GET OFF these things???")

We hope all is well with you! We'll send more pictures soon!

Thank you for everything!
Abby Staroszczyk

This is Moose a 2006 WillowXThistle Daughter, she is Zephyr's litter sister

Get that stick Moose!

Throw it, come on throw it!

She's definitely inherited the wonderful coat from both her parents - gorgeous!

Here she is at 7 months - nice Easter haul girl!

Moose's brother Fritz lives in the same neighborhood, Fritz and his new sister are on a previous love page I think :-)

Hi Chris - I am attaching some pictures of Moose at the beach. She hadn't been to the beach in at least 6 months but when I said "beach" she went nuts. She absolutely remembered!

P.S. Moose gets more adorable and affectionate every day. Everyone thinks she is about 6 months old because she still has such a puppy face and isn't very big. (OK, maybe the puppy behavior is part of it!) She is not around little children at all but we were at my mother's for Thanksgiving with 16 of my nieces and nephews. The 2 and 3 year old girls loved her and hugged her and dragged her around etc. and she was absolutely wonderful with them.

Chris, I can't believe Moose is almost 7 months. Time has flown. Her training is going really well, especially for her age. (At least that's what everyone tells us). Thought you might like to see some recent pictures. The one with the other puppy is her brother Fritz. Does Zephyr look just like Moose?

Baby Sophie - a 2009 ButtercupXJeep daughter - what a sweet face - lookin' all innocent :-)

You just know she's planning her next escapade :-)

First of all, let me give you my permission to just delete any messages from me if you get tired of me filling up your mailbox!!!! I just have to play the proud parent again.

Sophie is without a doubt a wonder pup!!!!!!! The second night in the crate, at bedtime, she whimpered for maybe four minutes and then went to sleep. We went to bed at 10 because Liese had EARLY soccer in the AM, Sophie got up to do her puppy thing outside at about 11 and then slept through till 5 when we had to get up for soccer. Last night she went right to sleep, slept till 3, did her puppy thing outside, back in the crate and promptly fell asleep waking at 7:30. Yesterday she went to the vet (having done that she is ready to go to puppy class on Wed. She weighs 13lbs) where she graciously allowed everyone to adore her. She also visited school and has been nominated to be the JV soccer team mascot (even the coach, who admits not being a dog person, fell in love with her.) She is very regal in her acceptance of such widespread adoration and kindly bestows her charms without any self conceit.

The first day home she was not too happy about the enormous puddles in the backyard but now she just meanders through them to get where she wants to go. She comes to her name and is sitting quite prettily (loves those treats!!!!!) AND she paces by the back door when she needs to go out. She started doing that yesterday and while we were sceptical she has continued to do so this morning. All I can say is all the wonderful care you all have given her is SO obvious in her attitide, her GREAT personality and how she adjusts and deals with new things!! You all are FANTASTIC!!!!!! I know she misses you, I think she especially likes Liese because of the relationship she had with Miriah. She has found a mirror in Liese's room that she can see herself in and sometimes she makes a soft whimper. I hope that puppy class fullfills some of her lonliness for her litter mates. The vet also offers puppy playtimes so we intend to take her there also. So, would it be a bad idea to play the video you made of her litter so she can hear the other puppies?


Hey Chris,

These are the pictures I tried to send you a few weeks back. They are a bit outdated. She weighs about 25lbs now and is doing Great! We will get you some more current pictures, I hope. She has her Dad's coat and her mom's coloring, I think. As for personality she is full of curiosity, she loves being in things (boxes, bathtubs, drawers, refrigerators, bags, etc.) or under things i.e. beds) she is confident and she gets along with everybody (dogs included.) She is eager to perform (especially if it involves a treat) and always willing to try something new. Her favorite position seems to be on her back and she adores tummy rubs! Retrieving is always fun but being attacked by and fighting off a cleaning duster is a high on her list of favorite activities, and she can not resist water (has been known to jump in the shower.) Sometimes she disguises herself and pretends she is a black lab. she needs only an obscure bit of mud to perform that trick. She is always entertaining and such a sweetie! Now we need a few more so keep us in mind for a black male next spring. Dan wants to be able to spend time with that one, doing training etc. before he returns to school in the fall for his final semester.


Baby Chip - HopeXBoone's 2008 singleton puppy

I think he's got it pretty rough, eh? He's got the biggest furry cowlick on his face - so darn cute!

Pretty, pretty boy :-)

You can definitely see his mama in his face in this one!

I believe Chip may very well be the most beautiful dog in the world. We have a vet appointment soon. I'll let you know his weight then. I'm sure it is over 50 pounds. Thank you again for getting him started for us. He is perfectly house trained. No problems through the night. Goes to the door when he needs to potty. If we don't see him, he barks to get our attention. Sleeps in his crate with no trouble at all. Just a perfect member of the family. Still a puppy, if you know what I mean, but a wonderful dog.
He gets on Tim's lap and lays back like a baby..... All legs and belly! Too funny.

Thought you'd like to see our version of the "Dog's Life".
11 months 100 pounds.....on dad's lap.

- rhonda

Hi Chris,
I think the first picture looks like the one of his mother on your website.
I still don't think he looks that much over weight. rhonda
rhondatuthill @

Butters - at six months - a fall 2008 JoyXMaize daughter

But I thought you said you wanted a BLACK labrador?

Yummy - carrots are a girls best friend!

Butters with Melissa and Evan last year :-)


Just wanted to let you know how Butters aka Frosty is doing. (from Joy and Maize) Next week she will be 6 months old. We have gotten her into a puppy obedience class. So far two weeks into the eight week session. The instructors like to use her as a guinea pig during the demonstrations quite often. But, I think that they think she will be out of control so they can show how to correct her, and she behaves and listens so well. She is very friendly and wants to meet all the dogs and people in class. We try to take her to the dog park here in Bloomington as often as the weather allows. She loves to play with other dogs and do lots of sniffing/exploring. She loves to play fetch with the frisbee, and chew on anything she can get her mouth on.

Hope everything is going well on the farm and Joy and Maize are doing especially well. Butters is such a beautiful dog, everyone she meets says so. I'll try to include some recent pictures as well.

Melissa and Evan

Chipper is a 2006 ToryXMaize son - just lovely!

What a face :-)

How could you refuse him anything?!

Hi Chris,
Things are going well with Chip. We al love him and he's pretty good most of the time. We finished puppy kindergarten and start family dog in 2 weeks. I'v enclosed a few recent photos of Chip. We took him for his first real swim over Labor Day weekend. He loved it!!
All the best,
Karen Gilhooly

Hi Chris,
Chip is doing well. He loves long walks and playing in the yard. He was playing in the sprinkler all afternoon and will probably be snoring soon because he wore himself out. I can't believe he is a year old already. Chip still has a puppy face and we get lots of compliments on what a nice looking and well behaved dog he is. The next few months will be the test though. All in all Chip is a great fit for our family. The attached picture was taken today after playing in the sprinkler.

All the best,
Karen & Mike Gilhooly

Maggie is a 2007 FaithXThistle Daughter -she really is the spitting image of Thistle!

Hey Chris,
I thought you might like to see our Maggy (formally known as connifer). Maggy is about 65 lbs and loves to chase after everything. She really enjoys her rope tug baseball. We've caught her a couple of times launching that toy across the room when she shakes it back and forth. All in all she's been a great addition to our family and has been everything we could have asked for in a pup. I can't believe the resemblance to her father, Thistle. It would be fun some day if we come back for another pup to have the two reunite. We'd probably get them mixed up. Maybe not but it still would be fun. I've attached a picture of Maggy to the email, hope it goes through. Thanks again.
Matt Shultz
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