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Welcome to our Love Page #10, where you can read comments from some of our puppy families and meet their precious ones. Enjoy!

JoyXMaize boy at 1 year

Love the levitating labrador :-)

Hi Chris,

Petunia is on the truck. Couple of Bull, one he demonstrates his levitation technique. He is a good looking guy.


Macey - JoyXMaize daughter at 1 year

What a face :-)

Here is Macey at one year. We love her more with each day, she is so good, playful, powerful and obedient. We've started to decrease the food intake, but very slowly ... she loves her food!

She was wondering if you had any other pictures of her brothers and sisters that you could share.

Thanks again,
Dan djmacek @


JoyXMaize 2 year old boy - yes, we're on a joy and maize roll here :-), but it's worth it - look at that picture!

What a gorgeous boy, and the doggie isn't half bad either! :-) Hi Will!

Wave to Gramma :-)


I hope all is well with you. Dallas and Cami are doing well and being spoiled rotten as usual. They are so good with the baby. Cami is crazy about him and lets him pull her ears and climb all over her. Dallas isn't quite as tolerant and usually avoids Will - except for when it is feeding time, which he always manages to be at his side for anything he drops! And Will just loves his dogs! He is so excited to see them whenever we come home. Right now he is chasing Dallas around laughing. Too cute. I've attached a couple of pictures with Will and Dallas. We still get tons of compliments on what a pretty dog he is. Thank you for letting him become part of our family.

We look forward to talking to you soon, but just wanted to give you an update on one of your babies! Take care.

bdeleon @

Holly - JoyXMaize 1 year old Daughter

There - now she's got the water thing all figured out!

What a beautiful girl :-)

She is curled up snoozing as we speak after a little run around time with the neighbor dog. I have attached a couple of pictures from her last outing to the lake. . . she loves to swim!! But the first picture is from the very first time we took her and she was so scared of the waves that she tried to climb Bob!

Hope all is well with you and thanks so much for all your concern and help and counseling sessions! And I'll keep you posted, too!


Ha - you know this isn't a joyXmaize baby! This is Gunner he is a FaithXThistle son, also one year old here.

My goodness - what a handsome dude - gotta love that gorgeous black coat - so shiny! And what a profile!

Ah, now the true personality shows up :-) Grrr I'll get you stick!

Why yes - I am gorgeous :-) I can really see Faith in his face in this shot - just lovely :-)

Yes, a year has gone by so quickly. Gunner is a wonderful dog and I can honestly say my best friend. He's that great!! Am attaching photos - he wouldn't really do his GQ pose for me, but take my word for it, he's gorgeous. Was very sunny when I took these photos and his coat is so shiny that the sun reflecting off of it doesn't do him justice.

He & I slept outside on the deck the other night. Was about 39 degrees and a little breezy. I was toasty in my sleeping bag and sleeping so great, when I felt this movement beside me. It was Gunner shivering. He didn't whine about it, but I couldn't sleep with him shivering, so he gladly shared my sleeping bag. I woke up smelling like a dog! Guess he's pretty spoiled sleeping in a nice warm house on a fleece bed.

Anyway, thanks for such a good companion.

jrenee.brennan @

Barley - IzzyXBoone, almost 2 years old here - he is our Juniper's brother. I can't believe he isn't staring at that yummy picnic fare! Good boy Barley!

What a pretty picture - and Barley has really matured into a lovely fellow :-)

Sorry so small, it got grainy when I tried to enlarge it - but you can sure see his smile!

Hi Chris,

I haven't sent you any pictures of Barley lately, so thought I'd share some that were taken at our recent Therapy Dog picnic. The hospital hosts the picnic, and they invite us to bring all of our dogs as well as our therapy dogs. So, since I'm taking Barley out more and more to busy social settings to practice his training, I decided to take him to the picnic to meet well-behaved dogs. My dogs are all very fond of Anya, a yellow field Lab. She is a therapy dog and over the years, my therapy dogs have gotten acquainted with her. Barley got to know her in one of his many obedience classes. Sooo, Anya's owner took some photos. She is very worried about Anya because she just had a mast cell tumor removed, but it was a grade 1, which is good. My dog, Jersey, also just had a cancerous mast cell tumor removed (also grade 1), so I'm watching her carefully, too, as those tumors often return to the same location. Barley is very good about his sit and down stays, so now, it is not so difficult to get a good picture of him. Don't you love the froglegs?

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