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Welcome to our Love Page #11, where you can read comments from some of our puppy families and meet their precious ones. Enjoy!

Baby Brooke - 8 weeks old here, she's a HopeXThistle daughter

She's got to be twice this size by now!

Big sister is being remarkably tolerant - bite that naughty puppy Maggie!


I just want to tell you how wonderful it is to have Brooke/Breezy as the newest member to our clan!

I am attaching some you can see how she is doing. The old yellow lab is Maggie (almost 12)! She is so gentle with Brooke. Brooke bites her tail and paws...but Mags just ignores her! I do think, however, that after our Sophie passed away, Maggie got spoiled being the only dog again. We laugh and say if she could stick up her middle toenail...she would! :)

Thank you for two wonderful puppies! Brooke will never replace Sophie...but all of our hearts have healed a little bit this week.

With deep gratitude.

Becky Totin

Otto is the little black fellow using Fritz' paw for a pillow. He is a HopeXThistle baby.

Otto is telling big brother Fritz a secret - or chewing on his face :-) Fritz is a WillowXThistle son, our Zephyr's sister.

Does life get any better than two labbies asleep on the floor?


Hi Chris,

Life is good here at the Reed home. :-)
We are so thrilled with our new addition. I think he has settled in well. Fritz has been such a good boy with him. He is a good role model. :-)
Can't thank you enough for this wonderful little guy. Seeing the world through the eyes of a puppy again is just constant chuckles for all of us. I'll keep you posted on all the progress.
Many thanks again,


Glacier - JoyXMaize boy at one year

Mr. happy go lucky!

Glacier with big brother Jack who is a ToryXMaize son from a few years back. I think there are other photos of him on a previous love page :-)

The boys swimming!

I just love seeing labbies doing what they were bred to do and loving it!

They make me proud :-)

Look at that boy swim!

Hi Chris, I hope all is well by you, I just wanted to touch base with you andlet you know that both Glacier and Jack are doing great. Glacier is growinginto quite the athlete, he loves to run, jump and especially SWIM, he swimslike a torpedo! Glacier is coming along just fine, he is a typical adolescent,full of life and everything else, he really keeps Jack and I on our toes (which
is just what Jack and I need)!!

We just got back from vacation last week, mybuddy let the three of us use his cabin in northern Minnesota. We had a
blastme and the boys went hiking and I took the boys swimming to lake Superior and 9 mile lake by the boundary waters. I have some nice pictures for you Ihope you enjoy them. Jack and Glacier are getting along pretty well, they
have their tussle time, but Jack pretty much lets Glacier know when he's hadenough and lets him know it!! Anyway I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that all is well, I love Glacier very much, he is doing very well and I wouldn't trade him or Jack for the world, they are my BOYZ!!

Thank you very much for everything Chris you are the best!!

Bob Bongiovanni
rbongi63 @

Glacier and Jack again - Glacier at 7 months here - I know, he got two spots, but the photos are gorgeous and Glacier went thru a lot to find his forever family!

Glacier and Jack getting along great even on day one!

Come on - throw the ball!

Resting at the end of a busy day!

My, what gorgeous boys!

Hi Chris, I can't thank you enough for all you have done, Glacier has definitely found his forever home!! He is doing great, no signs at all of anything unusual and rowdy as ever. :) He is making himself at home and seems to fit right in. He's doing fine with Jack, from time to time I have to pull them apart but they sure do seem to love each other. He is a happy healthy pup and is a pleasure to have, again I can't thank
you enough, he is an awesome dog!! Here are some pics from his first day. :-)

Thanks again Chris, you are the best!
Bob Bongiovani


Mr. Trouble, er I mean Roscoe - he's a FaithXThistle boy, around 1 year old here.

Luke, Roscoe & Boe - I think I got it right - Luke and Boe are full brothers, though from different litters, their parents are Izzy & Boone. Full brothers to our girl Juniper and also to Barley who is the yellow boy a few love blips up above :-) Gorgeous boys, all three and proof that labbies are like potato chips, you can't stop with just one :-)

One more of the three muskateers :-) They make me so proud! They all do - I am blessed :-)

Oh look an early photo of Boe - that's his brother to be Luke still on the puppy diary at OUR house - ah, that brings back memories :-)

There's the boys, Boe around one and Luke about half that :-) They grow up so fast!

Oh - there's baby Roscoe joining the gang!

He was a cutie - even then you could see the trouble in his eyes!

Yep, he's a daddy's boy :-)





Hello from all of us!!! Thought I would send you some updated photos of the boy...SUPER cute. Roscoe is doing well, he for some reason always wants to be on top of us though...not really sure why...he isn't humping or anything, but if we lay down, he starts between our legs, and slowly creeps up to our chests so his nose touches ours...and he just sleeps there...weird, but super cute. Luke does it to, but lays on his side on our chests...or snuggles right between us...anyway, hope you enjoy the pics...

Boe is doing great...he is such a character...everyone loves him. We touch him, and he starts that moaning stuff that he does, and it makes everyone laugh...he loves to be the center of attention. Boe is also the alpha dog...he does not put up with any crap from Roscoe...and Roscoe just intimidates the living daylights out of is so funny (and fun) to watch them interact with each other.

Luke is a snuggle-bug. Where ever I go, he is not far behind. He likes to always have you in his sight, or touching you. He is my water/fetch dog. I sometimes feel like he is going to pass out he is panting so hard, but no matter what, you say "where's the ball" and he finds it and drops it at your feet.

Roscoe is T-R-O-U-B-L-E...he is too smart for his own good. He is getting better, and is super FAST. he can even beat Luke when getting the ball now...he would be great in agility clases, I just don't where to start/begin.

The other day (well a few months ago now) we had a 7 month old baby at our house and ALL the boys were amazing with him. Roscoe tried to play with him through his play-pen...Boe and Luke let him lay on them, and when the baby was sitting on the floor, Roscoe went and sat behind him as if to say he was there incase he fell. The baby even fell asleep, and Roscoe snuggled with him...IT WAS SO CUTE. All 3 of them did so well with the baby...we even had a new-born over and they just sniffed and went on with their own business...I am super excited for us to have kids, cause I know they will do so well with them.

Anyway, hope you like the to you soon...

The VanDusen's
beckie328 @

Some older notes from Beckie:


Last week Boe turned 2!! So we took some photos and wanted to share them with they are! Also, if you are on facebook, I have uploaded many more photos to facebook then I have sent can find me...Rebecca VanDusen on there...if you are interested.



Dear Mommy

I really like the new family that I went to. It has another dog! I have so much fun playing with him.

At my new home they call me Luke. I like that name, it is easy to understand, and I don't get it mixed up with the commands they are trying to teach me.

My new home has a big yard that I chase my brother in. I am not quite fast enough to catch him yet, but I try. Usually I just stay in one spot, and he comes back to me. The most fund part is hiding under the table and chairs on the patio. My brother tries to get me, and he can't. I just stay under there and wag my tail. Then he barks really loud at me and I try to chase him.

Sometimes he plays a little rough with me, but my new mommy comes to save me. Then I jump on him and get his ears, and then my new mommy comes to save him.

There are a lot of dogs in the neighborhood, one of them said you were his mommy to. His new family calls him Koda, and he likes his house a lot to. I went over there yesterday with my brother, and played with him.

Well I am going to go play some more and take a nap. OH and one more thing, you would be so proud of me, I have not had any accidents in my new home!!!



Hi Chris

It's David and Rebecca again. Getting close to the wedding, exactly 1 month from today. We have been working a lot with Boe, and wanted to share our excitement.

As you know, we are training him for hunting, and have been working very closely with him on "stay" and "find the bird." We were actually walking through the woods on a hike, when he heard something. When we said "find the bird" sure enough, he found one all right. Stood on point and everything. That made David a very proud father. I am not sure if it was by accident, or he really followed command, but we gave him LOTS of praise.

He does however respond to those commands when working in the water, so we'll see. Only time will tell.

Just wanted to touch base with you. You would not believe how many compliments we receive from individuals, talking about how beautiful and well behaved he is. Every time we hear that, we always mention Cricket Hollow Farms, and mention the red one that is soon to come.

Look forward to hearing from you,

With love,

David, Rebecca, and Boe

This is Petey - who lives in Iowa. He's a WillowXThistle son, full brother to our Zephyr though from a younger litter.

I think he's either staring down the giant dogs (horses) or awaiting the arrival of his baby sister (Ziva, a HopeXThistle daughter).

Walking with his best buddy Walt and big brother Drago.


We snapped some pictures of Petey yesterday. I LOVE the one where he’s running back to us with the ball in his mouth!


I just thought this photo is like a calendar shot or something - just lovely

Oh - there's the faces :-) This is Shaya a JoyXMaize Daughter

Shaya and her big sister Goldie - this just made me laugh - a lot :-)

Sister see, sister do :-) Now if we just had a photo of BOTH of them on the shelves - too funny!

Awww - what a neat photo - Good sit Shaya!

Hi Chris:
Here are some fun photos of Shaya (I expect to be on your "LUV" pages sometime soon! LOL)

She is growing like a weed (35 lbs. today!) and such a chow-hound. I have never seen a dog eat so fast, I swear. It's Like she's going to the electric chair....! She is still the Love Sponge, has to say hi and lick everyone she meets! We've had her swimming in the lake a couple of times. She's really good at it, but doesn't much like to go in on her own yet.

I had to put her crate right next to Goldie's because she cries if she's not with her sister. There is lots of labrador wrestling going on - they are so funny together!

Hope you & family are doing well! Happy fall.....


Hi Chris:
Thought I would send some cute photos of Shaya and let you know how she's doing after her first official week "home".

We took her for a long walk with our other dog and she did great! (I guess she was motivated to keep up with goldie). That night, she slept from 9:30 PM - 5:30 AM!! Thank god! I think we are finally "turning the corner" on sleeping thru the night.

She is also a little "chow hound!" I have never seen a puppy scramble for food the way she does. She will knock anyone over who gets in her way!

They are playing so nicely together, although it seems that Shaya is going to become the "alpha" in our little pack. Goldie is so tolerant; lays on her back when they mouth-wrestle and Shaya just goes at it with her! It's really fun to watch.

Attached is proof that "Dogs will sleep anywhere". Hope you & family are well.


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