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Hardrock's Sarah (Sarah)

DOB 04/08/05; OFA #LR-169571F27F

Sarah is our yellow Izzy daughter, she is a joyful girl, full of fun and games. She loves to retrieve and will keep the game going until we are worn out! She also loves to cuddle just like her mama. She has been a wonderful addition to our program and we look forward to seeing her babies soon.

Running in the snow

Chasing Miriah with one of our pups helping her

Running full tilt to get the kong before Hope gets there!

Throw it mom, come on throw it!

Trying to talk Hope into giving her the kong!

Her tummy is shaved because she is pregnant and just had her ultrasound - she doesn't seem to mind the snow on her bare tummy though :-)

HA - I got it this time!

Doing the neener neener dance to Hope :-)

I'm coming mom - see, I got it, here I come!

Waiting for another throw

Could you just put down the camera and play already?!?!

Sarah's Daughter with Maize

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