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Boarding Services

To view pictures of our kennel, please visit our cyber kennel.

We are pleased to provide boarding services for your canine companion. We give careful attention to the physical care and mental stimulation of your fur person. We provide a safe, secure and FUN place for your dog to vacation while you are gone. Your best friend will enjoy our heated and cooled facility and our large, secure doggie pasture.

Your pet will be pampered by the love and individual attention we supply during their stay. When staying with us, your dog will feel like he has gone to summer camp and have a ball with his new friends. Vacation time should be fun for our furry friends too!


During his/her stay, your dog will be one of our family and treated with love and care. We will provide the optimum nutrition for your pet, you are welcome to bring his normal food with you for his stay, or we will feed him our Eagle Pack Super Premium Dog Food. We can accomodate some special diet restrictions, please contact us if you have diet concerns.

Daily Doggie Activities

In addition to supervised exercise in our doggie pasture, social dogs can enjoy supervised play dates with our friendly frolicing crew. Two to three exercise sessions per day are included in our standard rate. At Cricket Hollow, your dog won't stay staring at the same four walls all day long!

We provide your pampered pet with one on one snuggle time every day. Your baby is important to us, and we know how much they appreciate people time. We also have cookie breaks throughout the day.

For an additional fee, your pupster can enjoy one on one training sessions to review or learn the basics, sit, heel, down, stay, etc. We use purely positive training methods including clicker training and lure reward training.

Before you Board

We require your pet to have written proof of being given the following vaccines within the preceding 12 months:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Parvovirus
  • Parainfluenza
  • Hepatitis
  • Bordatella (We require bordatella innoculations within the past 6 months)

PLEASE NOTE - bordatella vaccines must not be given within 7 days of boarding.


If your dog is on medications, please be sure to bring enough medicine for his entire stay. If he is due for a heartworm medication during his stay, please do not give it early, bring it in and we will administer it without additional charge. Please contact us about administration of any medication that is not given by mouth.

Check in Information

Be sure to bring the following:

  • Your itinerary in case we need to contact you
  • Names and numbers of at least two emergency contacts
  • Your veterinarians name, and number
  • Any special health information about your pet, such as allergies or seizures

The majority of this information is contained on our check in form, which may be completed and emailed in ahead of time, or printed, completed and submitted when you arrive.


Boarding $15.00 per day
Training Session $5.00 per 15 Minute Session
Administration of non-oral Medications $2.00 per administration

Minimum stay is 2 Days.


Please telephone us to make a reservation. Due to the nature of our facility, we usually book up quickly, so please call well in advance to avoid the disappointment of "No room at the inn".

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