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Cricket's Red Sky at Night (Ty)

Fox Red DOB 11/26/2002; OFA Excellent LR-147336E24M-PI, Elbows Clear LR-EL24945M24-PI

Look into my eyes - you're getting very sleepy, give me a cookie, sleepy, cookie, sleepy...

Ty at 3.5 years, out camping with his dad

Could he be any more lovely?

Ty's favorite pasttime

OFA Hips/Elbows- normal for age

This handsome fellow is Ty, co-owned with Mark Matchett of Galva, IL. He is a big sweetheart of a boy, a lovely red fox color. Shown here at 12 months. Ty is a retrieving fool, loves the water and is a very quick learner. We look forward to watching this boy mature!

Baby Ty - awwww...


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