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Fawnhaven's Ebony at Tecumseh, CGC (Raven)

Hips, Excellent, Elbows Pass, CERF annually

Welcome to Cricket Hollow Raven, we are so glad you are here! Raven is a beautiful black lady who carries not only a wonderful pedigree, but also the potential for all three colors in her genes. She is the sweetest dog we own, loves to sit in your lap if you let her and follows us everywhere. She has been a breeze to train and is willing to do anything we ask. She is a wonderful mother, very doting on her babies! She has lovely conformation, and is truly the most beautiful dog when she is in motion! We purchased her as an adult, and she has made the transition to being a member of our family with aplomb, she has stolen our hearts and we couldn't be happier with her!

She loves her girls, even when they dress her up!!

One of Raven's babies - happily beginning her life as a therapy dog in a Hospice program - go Sadie!

Raven's son (x Maize), taking a little puppy nap :-)

Fjord, Raven's Son (x Maize) at 4 1/2 months

RavenXSam Daughter at 5.5 weeks


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