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Kelleygreens Vitametaveggirl (Lucy)

OFA GOOD hips #LR-141744G24F-PI, Elbows OFA NORMAL #LR-EL22593F24-PI, AVCO eye clearance

Lucy is another up and coming young lady at Cricket Hollow. She is a red fox labrador, which is technically a yellow labrador, but as you can see, she is a very vibrant red headed girl! This youngster is put together like a dream. We will be showing her in conformation and obedience. She is the sweetest dog we have ever had the pleasure to train. She lives to please and will give her best at whatever we ask of her. Look for her at a show near you! Thank you Sally Kelley for allowing her to join our crew!



Lucy at 2 Months Old

Lucy at 4 Months

Lucy @ seven months

Some of Lucy's Babies

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